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SweetieBot does not like cats by Cannibalus

Wow, amazing pic! And my quick comment is getting quite long, so I'll upgrade into a Critique. :) As a warning up front: I DO nitpick, e...

(Goodness, DA's critique interface isn't being nice to me today! Hopefully this all comes out well!) First off, very nice pic! The colo...

Diamond Scorpi Pony OC by aprilj0313

First off, disclaimer: Don't take any of the following to mean that I don't like the image! It's a nice concept with a good atmosphere ...

Long and Tangled by ValkyrieSkies

First off: It's a very nice picture! Trying to nitpick for criticism I somehow came up with a decent amount so I'm going to do a critiq...

You decide to stay with the robot, and together you two spend the years caring for the waning rainforest and its residents. Often you find yourselves wondering why there was so much fuss when, in the end, nature continues no matter what. 

14 deviants said ~~~ CONGRATULATIONS, you have successfully completed Android Parrot! ~~~
11 deviants said (Dancing android parrots are adorable.)
3 deviants said There will be another poll-based story at some point (after I've had a break and decided what the next story should be).
2 deviants said The story didn't turn out as I expected (see Comments section for details) but I had fun and hope you did too
2 deviants said Thank you for playing!


Hare Trinity
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Sibling Separation by HareTrinity
Sibling Separation
I thought this idea was just interesting enough to merit being uploaded separately from the sketch dump (though not enough to stop it going straight into Scraps, because clearly rushed to this stage and still unfinished).

Still, I haven't seen anyone else bring up either the parallels between Celestia losing her sibling to the darkness and Tirek losing his to the light, and nor have I see anyone do anything suggesting that, hey, while Tirek was definitely evil, losing his brother's support clearly shocked and upset him. Boo, family arguments!

(Non-cartoony colouring is hard, no wonder I always give up on it these days! ...Maybe I should try doing just greyscale again sometime...)
Sketch dump October 2016 - Horse-themed! Again! by HareTrinity
Sketch dump October 2016 - Horse-themed! Again!
More stuff that's not at upload-quality by itself but I still feel it should be somewhere online. Lets me focus on other things, plus shows my progress as an artist, right?

Starting from top left:

- Sketch of a pic I actually finished, Entry for Chibi Pets' raffle by HareTrinity (though I think the original sketch has quite a bit of charm I somehow lost along the way)
- Ponyfications of the Movie Thief characters (Movie Thief/Camera Man and Police Man/Red Lamp Man)…
- A MLP-esque version of the mount rode by Red Death in Venture Bros. The skull-face was a pain and I lost interest, ha...
- Will (AKA Willow) and Twilight doing their poses from the Filly toy series in a horsey way (unusual equine poses, woo)
- Lynn, Xania, and Cloud walking down a cave's corridor, lead by a spider. Scene from a Filly comic that I meant to redraw in a more horse-y fashion (as I do) but couldn't get around to finishing (probably because I also wanted to do justice to the blue-cave atmosphere and didn't come remotely close to doing), so I slapped some lines and background on it so that it's not too hard to get the rough idea
- MARDER the red ram! Yeah, that's a classic horror film joke, ha.
- Lynn being surprised by the appearance of Glacia, the floating ice island that's large enough for a palace, plus Rose (who, being from Crystalia, is used to it) offering to take Lynn skating
- Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya ponies in simplistic vector form, from before I went back to the original lines and turned them into Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya ponies by HareTrinity
- Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya shipped as the human-y types they're usually shown as (I suck at human anatomy but sometimes I wish I didn't)
- Balam, a three-headed, snake-tailed, demon who rides a bear. I decided I'd draw him years ago but, again, suck at human anatomy. Multi-headed beings don't get enough attention beyond hydras/dragons, Cerberus, and the two-headed ogres, though! Plus their characterisation tends to be limited to "they act as one" or "they argue", heh.
- An oak-inspired plant-horse, so this stallion would have had catkins (male flowers) while the mare (who came out too poorly to include) would have had single, female, flowers. Mostly he's just a lizard-tailed horse at this point though! ^^;
- Pixel art of a merman in a fish tank which I'd begun animating but hadn't got beyond his upper torso ducking down and clearly was never going to finish, so uploading it like this. The merman's design was by Rubilight, based on a silly comment I made at the time I think, but I can't find the pic in their gallery now! Hopefully they don't mind this much-delayed fanart being uploaded... :o I'll remove it from the pic if asked, and then we'll all pretend it never happened!

So there we go! Latest sketch dump COMPLETED!

I know I keep going on about how much I'm clearing out the WIP folder, but I really am and it's great to finally be getting that chore done! :) It should be so much easier to think of new stuff (plus commit to new projects) without 50+ unfinished art ideas looming over me! :D
Hello Moon by HareTrinity
Hello Moon
Originally started around the same time as Celestia in a bee costume by HareTrinity, but the lukewarm reaction put me off wanting to properly finish this one. I still liked the basic idea though, so I made the body of water larger (she was originally going to be standing at a lake) and then rotated the image so that she's facing down (was originally going to be at an angle, thus the uneven 'border', though I didn't attempt to crop that out as I think it's kind of fun in a kooky manner). No cutie mark, either.

Still moon-horse though. Lookin' up at her moon.

Might move to Scraps later, not sure.
Maria Rose merpony by HareTrinity
Maria Rose merpony
Every sailor pony deserves to try out having fins at some point, right?

Maria Rose is the mascot of SCB. I was thinking I might want a sticker of her, so I drew this. Yay merponies! Even if they're not quite seaponies (shoo-be-doo).
Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya ponies by HareTrinity
Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya ponies
Originally tried to draw these two squirrelly-themed ladies dating as their normal humanoid forms, but I suck at human anatomy! I also sucked at equine anatomy when I first tried to do this pic. Thankfully, it came out better today!

Still, I don't really want to colour it myself, so I'm uploading it as lines only in case someone else wants to give it a shot (go right ahead and click Download to colour if you feel like it, just remember to credit me for the lines)! Was originally planned to be them on stools at a table with a shared milkshake between them, but if someone wants to add in the background/etc too then they're free to pick their own level of shipiness. :)
I was up in Birmingham for Games Expo with a friend from Friday to Sunday and it was BRILLIANT! The three days really flashed past and there was so much I didn't do and yet so much I did, I kind of wish it had had another few days so that I could have had chance to get bored of it, haha!

I got a whole bunch of swag, too. Somehow the only whole game I bought was Ice Cool, a well-designed dexterity game about flicking penguins through doors that is clearly aimed at kids yet sold out so quickly that I had to go on the posting list (they should have sent it out to me today, no extra for postage, and I should have it by the end of the week). My Dice Masters' D&D sets are much closer to completion now, though, and I got a whole bunch of little figures (dragons, a unicorn, plus some metal seals and ponies, hee).

I made it to both of Shut Up & Sit Down's live shows, too! I'm a fan of their reviews and podcasts and they were great.

I really hope I make it there next year, too. So glad I found the fun side of card/board/etc gaming as a hobby, so glad my friend suggested I join them going there, and... Yeah! Pretty glad all round, really!

And only £25 (under $50) for the 3 day adult ticket, 's crazy-good value.


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