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(Goodness, DA's critique interface isn't being nice to me today! Hopefully this all comes out well!) First off, very nice pic! The colo...

Diamond Scorpi Pony OC by aprilj0313

First off, disclaimer: Don't take any of the following to mean that I don't like the image! It's a nice concept with a good atmosphere ...

Long and Tangled by ValkyrieSkies

First off: It's a very nice picture! Trying to nitpick for criticism I somehow came up with a decent amount so I'm going to do a critiq...


Hare Trinity
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Current Residence: UK
Favourite cartoon character: SO MANY!
(1) How long have you been on DeviantArt?

9 years, but I didn't use it much before becoming a Brony (fanart was a rarity for me and that's mostly what I use DA for).

(2) What does your username mean?

It's an ancient symbol. It's been linked to trading (explaining why it pops up in different places around the world), paganism (because hares), Christianity (because trinity), and fertility (hares again), but may just be popular because it's a cool design and there was a riddle to go with it.

I started constantly wearing the Hare Trinity symbol when I was about 12-14. My chatroom username of the time ("Hare") got taken by someone else and, while trying to think of a new one, I suddenly realised that my pendant would be perfect for it. I quickly became attached to the username and it's stuck!

(3) Describe yourself in three words.

Caring, pervert, thinker

[Edit: "Weird, caring, pervert" would be more apt, I think!] [She says, overthinking again.]

(4) Are you left or right handed?

Righty here.

(5) What was your first deviation?

Eesh, considering that DA's bigging up their "timeline" thing, this is not an easy one to answer... After digging through, I think it was this (the cover pic for one of set of film-mocking comics I did): Ringoo link by HareTrinity (it went with Ringoo spoof comic by HareTrinity).

(6) What is your favourite type of art to create?

Digital (drawn or vector), probably comics I suppose, though focusing on just one big pic can feel more rewarding!

(7) If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

3D modelling.

(8) What was your first favourite?
Sadly a lot of the pieces I Favourite tend to get put into storage (ergh), but I'm pretty sure the first one was: :zombiepoke: by darkmoon3636

(9) What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

I Favourite art that makes me smile, in case I need some cheering up sometime! :) Tends to be digital art of animals and/or monsters, but also silly fun!

(10) Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Good question! Probably :iconskaijo: but there are several I look forward to uploads from.

(11) If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Probably my favourite artist? But there are a lot of fun people here, and anyone friendly's good!

(12) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Lots of chatting (some quite deep), my first commission, people who've drawn me gift-art as a lovely surprise... DA's made a difference!

Generally though, the Brony interest in my MLP:FIM fanart made me take my art more seriously. It's a mixed bag (I draw less and have less fun with it lately) but overall I think it's nice I take a bit more pride in it.

(13) What are your preferred tools to create art?

Hardware: Tablet!

  • Microsoft Paint (easiest for working out canvas size, plus simple for the first, super-rough, sketch)
  • GIMP (decent little program for non-vector images)
  • InkScape (has some bugs but gets the job done)
Yay freeware! :dance:

(14) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

What? I just draw at the computer...

(15) What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Probably the first few things I listed for #12.

And there we go! :)


Rage up by HareTrinity
Rage up
Just some venting art. I have the exploding type of anger (though I rarely let it show - maybe I have it BECAUSE I rarely let it show?) and sometimes it catches even me by surprise.

"Friends". Ugh.

Still, maybe I can somehow channel this anger into being more arty today...
Lightning Dust visits by HareTrinity
Lightning Dust visits
Inspired by a conversation with :iconunlikeablepony: who suggested that Wind Rider being related to Lightning Dust would have given him much better motivation in Rarity Investigates!.

To be honest, while Lightning Dust struck me as something of a sociopath, I always felt that Spitfire was the one most at fault in Wonderbolts Academy because she was the authority figure who repeatedly encouraged and rewarded Dust's actions. :o That whole ep was pretty weird, too. Why was the Captain of the Wonderbolts so easily impressed by reckless behaviour? And how does a team specialising in synchronised sports know so little about teamwork? This is how you got the nickname "Spitefire" from me, Spitfire! :p

(The comic's text is messy, I know! Thought it would look better. May fix it to typed stuff tomorrow... :hmm: Also, I'm disappointed by the lack of sound effects for crying in English!)

"My dear little firefly": Lightning Dust flies fast, has fiery hair, fireflies are also known as "lightning bugs", AND it's a reference to the Wonderbolts' founder (a nod to G1), so I thought it worked as an old ex-Wonderbolts's nickname for Lightning Dust.
My girlfriend was a magical horse by HareTrinity
My girlfriend was a magical horse
This has been in my WIP folder for ages, but I finally finished it (it had to be done). Don't worry Brad Flash, Lir's there for you!


"It's not all bad though, I've met a new girl, her name's Twilight, and she's not like the last one..."
Unshattered Reality by HareTrinity
Unshattered Reality
Actually drew this twice soon after seeing the ep, but wasn't very happy with either result and just left it in my WIP folder. Kind of fed up of my doing that though (that and never drawing my ideas at all), so here's me limiting myself to 3 layers (the original sketch, lines, and the background/colour) so that I actually finish comics even if they come out doodly.

Not sure if I'll keep at it, but I'm glad I got this one done! Should invest in good resources if you want to dominate the land, Starlight. :p

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